In this article, we will look at such a service in the data room. We will talk about its use, functionality, and features. Use data room to organize your important information.

What is a virtual data room? 

The virtual data room is an emerging technology for enterprise cloud services that have begun to rapidly gain traction in business data storage and sharing. The benefits of using emergency room data are many: 

  • Service prevents incidents involving leaks of confidential information
  • Reduces external and internal network traffic – mail messages are automatically formatted into secure links
  • You can control access to your data from anywhere in the world
  • Service provides full protection during workstation and server data exchange without the use of a VPN
  • Detailed reports on corporate data usage are provided to you
  • Data Room generally does not require significant resources to operate

Why is there a need for a data room?

Every successful company needs a data room because it’s convenient to use: 

  • Maintaining rights management of the data in a document, and for controlling the distribution of the information that needs to be sent to an external counterparty
  • For project organizations, the feature that allows giving a group of workers access to data only for the duration of the project, and then revoking the access rights is very useful 
  • For retailers, it is very important to protect valuable data from a certain group of employees, for various reasons, either because they are at risk or because they are shift personnel, such as sales representatives or merchandisers
  • The Data Room protects the company from unscrupulous customers thanks to the necessary modern tools

The main features of data rooms


Add your branding to match your corporate identity. You can upload your company logo and customize the desired color scheme. Send invitation letters to employees to familiarize them with the rules of the new project. Add your own rules to be accepted before entering your data room


Upload your data in any format and create any folder structure you like. The data room includes a smart upload feature that automatically converts your data to a protected file format. Structure your information and track updates as soon as they appear with automatic indexing 


Set up permission for users who will be working on a project with you and discuss it in the common data room. You can set individual permissions, extend permissions, and vice versa. You will be able to track which registered users have actively participated in the project.


Make sure that all your data is securely protected. The Data Room has several features that provide full control over your information, such as 

  • Restricts the ability to download folders or documents 
  • The “View Through Protection Grid” feature protects your files from screen recordings
  • Limit access to information even after the document has been downloaded 
  • You can deny access to certain areas of the room to individual employees